A community response to Martin Fink, HP's Linux Vice-President. Read his blog for yourself here.

Good evening Mr Fink. My name is Ben Rockwood and I'm a member of the Solaris open source community. It's currently 3am but I'm compelled to point out just how full of shit you are... and whats more, I'm confident that you know you are. Since Sun needs to be nice and can merely point out your flaws in employee blogs, I'll just skip the BS because I don't work for Sun.

So, first things first Martin... just do the world a favor and stop writing Sun in all caps. Yes, SUN stood for Stanford University Network (SUNW's W is for Workstation). Thank you for proving your infinite knowledge but the only morons who all cap SUN do it to prove something, although we know not what.

Lets look at some interesting highlights:

"SUN's new release of Solaris 10 on x86"... well, maybe you missed something but Sun actually released Solaris 10 on 3 platforms: SPARC, X86 32bit and AMD 64bit.

"While it should be obvious, be very clear that Solaris on SPARC is NOT Solaris on x86."... Maybe it's just me, but you might want to ask your university if they want their degree back. Of course there's a frickin' endian issue!!!!!!! At what point did Sun suggest that X86 binaries would run on Sparc? Ummmmm, never! I mean, wow, your really scrapping for this one aren't you?

"By enabling this functionality, code-named Project Janus, administrators can create an environment for running a range of Linux applications at near-native speeds. Sun is offering Project Janus as an optional kernel service of the Solaris OS, enabling administrators to run Linux applications in a new and unique way on x86 platforms." - Quote from Sun.com Feature Story

"Also, SUN has only talked about open sourcing Solaris on x86, and not the big guy, Solaris on SPARC."... Wow, man... just sad. Okey, do some homework!. Solaris is a single source operating system. Both will inherently be open sourced, you can't open source one without the other due to the nature of the kernel. Sure they could pull SPARC drivers, but no one has ever said this would happen.

"As soon as the Solaris code would become licensed under the GPL, developers would be able to take all the parts they like about Solaris 10, and move them to Linux. That would cause SUN to be doing the one thing they are trying most to avoid: help Linux."... Argh!!! Do you have a learning disability!?!? Now, read this slowly or maybe several times till it sinks in: SUN IS SHIPPING LINUX! Damnit. Get it into your head, Sun's Java Desktop System is BASED ON SUSE (thats Linux in case you didn't know)! Sun is competing with Red Hat, NOT LINUX. Go to store.sun.com, you can buy a Linux loaded Sun server TODAY.

Furthermore, are you so stupid as to think that Sun hadn't considered this? And furthermore, have you considered that this isn't like cheating on your Programming 101 exam where you just copy code across? DTrace ain't exactly portable code, you can't just uplift it and move it to Linux. Of course Linux developers already have the ability to write their own version of the functionality (indeed some people already have been working on it) and when the code is released they can certainly sneak a peak. And I can tell you that the kernel engineers at Sun would like nothing more than to see the Linux Kernel emulate functionality available in Solaris. They'd LOVE it! Because they love Linux too and we're all a big happy family actually. He have been for years, if you didn't notice.

And, before we proceed. Mr Fink, how much code has HP contributed to the open source community? Yes, I'm serious... please, I'll wait..... yup, still waiting. Sun has contributed code to the open source community FOR YEARS! Did they shout it from the rooftops? No. Did they need to? No... because they'd been doing it for years. And lets not even take into consideration all the Open Standards that Sun has created and been a part of for the last 20 years starting with NFS!!! How can you not get this? How hard can it frickin' be!?!

And the GPL... why on earth would Sun use a pervasive license? People are going to want to make changes without giving those changes to the whole community (like, um, the NSA). The GPL imposes it's own form of restrictions and everyone knows it. Sun has said time and time again that they will use an OSI approved license. How daft can you be Martin?

"If SUN wants to truly demonstrate openness, they need to create a governance model around Solaris that gives the community equal weight on the evolution of Solaris on x86. The fundamental problem that SUN will have with this approach is that it would remove their ability to control the direction of Solaris on SPARC, and maintain synchronization with the x86 release."... Do I even need to point out the stupidity of this comment? Really. OpenSolaris is in a pilot phase that much is known but no one knows when it will be officially announced. There are a huge number of open source developers already involved with the pilot and I have no doubt every issue will be worked out. The sync issue is mute for previously mentioned reasons. Scrape, Scrape, Scrape... I think we see the bottom of the barrel.

"What I can't find out is if the "RHEL 3 Clone" inside Solaris 10 is indemnified along with the rest of Solaris 10."... Are you smoking crack? Please actually READ the information about Janus, see the earlier mentioned link.

"Through its Janus facility, SUN admits that there are more applications available for Linux. The fundamental reason for this is that Linux has won the hearts and minds of application developers everywhere. Developers for UNIX and Linux tend to use a collection of personally chosen tools that is unique to them and makes the individual developer the most productive."... This statement is so stupid that my eyes might just start bleeding. Okey, first off how does "Developers for UNIX and..." exclude Solaris? Secondly, what is Sun admitting? Sun is giving customers the protection to know that software QA's on RHEL will run seamlessly on Solaris/X86 without a rebuild. As a VP you probably should note that customers like running software, not rectifying it constantly.

"Take a look at Freshmeat's collection of more than 9,000 developer tools and ask yourself how many will ever be supported for Solaris. If that's not enough to convince you, have a look at the more than 12,000 developer tools under development at Sourceforge.net. In the end, if the developers are writing for Linux, then where are the applications for Solaris going to come from?"... Wow, more stupidity. Ever heard of porting? Why don't you go back and count how many of those projects run on Solaris... and HP-UX for that matter or AIX or IRIX or Tru64. Very very very few applications are written only for Linux. Portability to other platforms is a prime consideration to most open source developers. In fact a large amount of open source development is happening on Mac OSX and Solaris, but you mistakenly assume all open source software is written only on and for Linux. Wrong!

"Highlighting the massive community that's building developer tools for Linux also highlights that there is currently no developer community around Solaris. There is sometimes a misconception that open sourcing a software project guarantees that thousands of developers will come and play. It's just not true."... Hello Martin! I'm one of the many members of the Solaris development community. Guess what, I've been developing open source software on Solaris for years. Why? Because it's the best platform around. I even used to do some development on HP-UX untill HP trashed it's entire HP-PA line and continued to abuse it's hobbyist and open source users. I'm really f**king sick of hearing that there is no community, we're here, we've been here!!!

"If Solaris 10 simply represents yet another variant of a POSIX-based operating system, what possible motivation would the Linux community have to move their allegiance to Solaris from Linux?"... I'll just ignore the silliness of your POSIX comment. But, listen close again pal: NO ONE IS MOVING THEIR ALLEGIANCE. See, I know your slow... you work for HP for crying out loud, but I want you to repeat this several times: Choice is good. Choice is good. Choice is good. Then ask yourself why HP spent so many years selling systems without a Linux option... hmmmmm. In fact, what if I want to use HP EV6? Oh wait, killed that. But maybe there is a new kool HP-PA system? Oh wait, HP's killing that too. So, my choice is a) shitty 32bit Intel Xeon, or b) Intel's massive flop known as Itanium2. Wow, gotta love all the HP choice.

"The simple act of making the code visible does not magically turn Solaris into Linux."... Wow, thats a genius comment. It's going to take Sun more work to maintain it open source than it will to just leave it closed. This isn't all about cash, at least in the short term. This is about providing choice and giving developers (you know, us guys who actually work for a living) and sysadmins and even end users the ability to have access to the code needed to tune and extend the existing system to meet their needs. Is nVidia going to release gForce6200 drivers for Solaris? Probably not. But is a sysadmin who is fighting with odd behavior in a subsystem going to pull up the code to see what it might be? Oh hell yes. No one expects Solaris to replace Linux as the center of the open source world... anyone who thinks it will is smoking crack. Sun's never said it, we in the community haven't said it, this is just you inventing stuff again.

"The beauty of Linux is that the cost is shared by thousands of developers around the world."... Yup, we work for free at night while HP VPs sleep. And guess what we're not sharing the cost model. What is HP doing for us? You hassle us when we try to help out on HP-UX. You don't contribute any amount of code... seriously, SGI contributes huge amounts of code, and wtf is HP doing? Squat! Sun has been contributing code for years, plus they give us Solaris for free via a download, and they have for years. Plus I can even get a 30 day copy of their development tools for free evaluation and no hassle. So, I ask again, wtf is HP doing for us? As usual, HP is all bitch bitch moan moan. The only useful contribution HP has made to the open source community is building kick ass cheap printers that get sold on Ebay for $100 and run for over a year on a single toner. LaserJets rule.

"In the end, I'm very confused. Which is it, Solaris or Linux? Native or Java?"... Yup, your are definitely confused alright. Solaris or Linux? It's YOUR choice. Native (I'm assuming this means C) or Java? It's YOUR choice. Your platform... Your vender... Your operating system. Want Solaris10/X86 on a Dell using apps built in Ada? Kool. What Linux on Sun AMD systems using Java in 64bits? Kool. Choice baby, choice. Choice is good.

So, in closing, Mr Fink. I think that perhaps next time you want to make a name for yourself that you actually READ the alittle at Sun.com and not simply glean the headlines and skim news sites. The total lack of any research is truly mind boggling. As a member of the Solaris development community, I'm humbly asking that you take your blog and shove it up your ass until you form an accurate picture of reality. The community is alive and well and sick of morons like you talking out of their asses just because you're scared shitless.