WARNING WARNING!!!: This Page is HISTORICAL! DR17 as you see it here does not work, or build.
It is being completely rewritten to be bigger and better than anything you see here.
So look, and enjoy, but don't plan on using it.

It's coming, oh yes, it's comimg. But there is still a lot to be done. Below you'll find loads of screenshots, backgrounds and whatever else I can put up here. While DR17 and the EFL isn't ready yet, it is ready for interested and talented people to start working with it and building it. In this very special time thoughs of us who ordinarily are unknown geeks can start building tools that most of our UNIX loving friends couldn't imagine. You might not even know C, but right now you have the tools and, most importantly, the time to get up to speed with these tools before anyone else see's it coming. Pick up your tools and seize this rare opertunity while you can. The EFL wants you!

Find more information atenlightenment.org, the official home of the Enlightenment Project.

The UNIX world at large has a huge problem. There are lots of geeks (and non-) who want desperately to code but just don't have the abiblity or the time to learn stuff thats (seemingly) over their head. That includes your humble designer (hello!) here. What is really impressive about E17 isn't the WM interface, but the tools to build it. The whole E team has spent the last couple months building the tools they'd need to build E17 and have created tools that are unlike thoughs before them. This collection of C libraries combine to create the most power application backed ever avalible, and its still in pre-beta developement. Forget GNOME (written for wimps), forget KDE (written for small children), there is a better way. And since it didn't have a kickass name, I've dubbed it EFL: The Enlightenment Foundation Libraries.

The EFL includes:

  • IMLIB2: The worlds most powerful image rendering and manipulation library
  • EVAS: The E Canvas Library, allowing hardware rendered canvasing that pulls eye candy back out of Anime films and back ontop of X, where is belongs
  • ETOX: The Text Rendering addition to EVAS
  • EDB: The E Database. Making configuration handling and manipulation managable again
  • Ecore: Your remember that "convenience library" isn't just a crewl joke
  • EWL: The E Widget Library that pulls it all together and is quicker and easier than any other widget library avalible

If your not yet a coding member of society, then fret not there is plenty to do (see below). But if you've been staring at your copy of K&Rs "The C Programming Language" in the bathroom wondering when you'll write something kool, then the time is now! I absolutely guarenty that the most boring app ever will dazzle your friends with the help of the EFL. Once again the Enlightenment Project puts artistry back in the hands of programmers (or vica versa).

The first thing to remember about E DR17 is that completely and totally unsupported by anyone. The second thing is that the only place your likely to even find anyone who uses it is in the #e IRC channel (found on irc.openprojects.net). And thirdly, if you don't like building, are unexperienced at building or don't even know how you got to this page you shouldn't even attempt to play with DR17. Lastly, know that DR17 is just now working, meaning that it's so beta that it won't act as your primary desktop. There is no transparency support for Eterms. There is no virtual desktops (despite the illusion of them, its a hoax that works for now - ask Raster for details on that). There is much of anything in terms of what you are use to from DR16. What there is is a shadow of things to come. It's time to build backgrounds (via Ebony), build themes for ebits (via Etcher). And building apps based on the new Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (ala: ecore, ewl, ebits, evas, etox, and more... what I call the EFL).

If you are going to build DR17 from the Enlightenment CVS server your first going to need to get it.Once you've acomplished it you can start the building. I won't explain how because (for your own good) if you don't know, you shouldn't be doing (yet!). To assist you, I've compiled the following build order which should help you emensly in building DR17 correctly the first time.

Build Order:

1) Install FAM (ftp://oss.sgi.com/projects/fam/download/)
2) Build Imlib2
3) Build Edb
4) Build Imlib2_loaders
5) Build EVAS
6) Build EWD
7) Build Ebits
8) Build ECore
9) Build Etox
10) Build Ebg
11) Build Estyle
12) Build EWL
 -Libraries Done
13) Build Etcher (Optional)
14) Build Ebony (Optional)
15) Build MED 
16) Build Esmall
17) Build libxml2 (ftp://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/stable/sources/libxml/libxml2-2.4.5.tar.gz)
18) Build EFSD  (it doesn't need a Kernel source tree, don't worry about the error)
19) Build PCRE (ftp://ftp.csx.cam.ac.uk/pub/software/programming/pcre/)
20) Build Ferite (http://www.ferite.org/?page=download)
21) Build Ebindings. (Optional)
22) Build E.

23) Make sure FAM is running.  Edit your .xinitrc and start.

If all that goes well you should be running E with ease! But do not forget, it's just a sniff of whats coming, it isn't "useable" yet, but don't let me stop you!

Default BG with Entice running More...... My port of Blackbox's theme, with Brian Matterns iconbar, using Pandora's E backgrounds (for cuddletech! ala Blender!)
Tamarah. Single head... I like the gradient on this one. Tamarah! New background with a new theme (Crux - below) and my new iconbar. Talk about kool! My new wallpaper, my new iconbar, with my Crux. All Cuddletech creations. Soooo koool.
This is a shot of my Gabber theme, running on my Ethceritous background complete with menus to match. A very usable theme.
In this shot you can see acouple neat things. I've redesigned the menu bits (not impressive, but diffrent), I'm using my Crux theme, and the new bg.db of Tamarah, which nicely sprawls across all 3 heads.

Much much much more will come to this section soon. I've been having a blast with ebony. In ebony background files (file.bg.db) are built in layers. Layers can contain images, gradients, or solid colors. Each object can be tiled, stretched, resized and positioned. For instance in starter2 Kelly will resize vertically to fill the screen, but won't stretch horizontally, so she remains proportioned. The letters on the bottom (K E L L Y) are placed in seperate layers speced at equal distances (K at 10% for the left, E at 30%, L's at 50% and 70%, and a Y at 90%). Kelly is positioned at 50% in a layer. The bottom most layer (layer 0) is solid white, so that if you pull the bg way out (ala Xinerama) you don't see a diffrence. It's tricks like these that make DR17 a whole new beast unto the world. E and it's new tools think diffrently, and so will you.

There is currently no soft mechanism to change background db's. In order to use these (or your own!) bg.db's you need to replace the file: $HOME/.e/desktop/0/.e_layout/background.db . Simply cp the background.bg.db you want to use over this file (if it exsists, otherwise create it) and if E doesn't automatically start using it in about 20 secs, restart E. You can view bg.db's using Ebony.

Feel free to check out the following examples of Ebony created bg.db's.

File Description Preview
starter2.bg.db Kelly Brook. Great for Xinerama.
tamarah1.bg.db Tamarah. The cuddletech grrl in all her beauty.
desert-try1.bg.db A nice desert sunset.
hornynaturegirl.bg.db LA Sunset and a cute horned grrrl in the corner.
lakeview-2.bg.db Smoke on the water, baby.
metalalicc.bg.db My attempt to simulate brushed metal... who did I do?
tidepools.bg.db Sunset at the tidepools in LA. Image by Pandora.
clouded-shelf4.bg.db Clouds, with E logo and a shelf for EFM icons.
Clouds courtesy of Rasterman's many travels.
rocketrange.bg.db A variation of my Clouded background, but with a new base image given to me by Kolbjorn Bekkelund, a DR17 user at the Andoya Rocket Range.
sun-danger.bg.db An idea taken from CDE. Tiled Sun Microsystems logo's with an industrial file area above. One of my most used backgrounds, great on any sized desktop.
pink_craters.bg.db A ray traced planet surface by John Miskinis, a user and fan of DR17.

DR17 adds a feature that no one can resist loving, and is largely responsable for the large number of people running (or wanting to run) it when they shouldn't be: the iconbar. It's kool, it's flashy, and it "bounces" your icons! Better than any menu, your essential tools are all right there at your tips, ready for your command. Below are some of the iconbars that I've created. If you choose to run one, you only need to copy it over your current iconbar bit (normally: $HOME/.e/desktop/0/.e_layout/iconbar.bits.db) and restart DR17. If you don't like it, just revert.

NOTE: You will most likely need to change your layout.db in order to use a replacement iconbar. I will supply one with each bit. To use it, just copy it over the current one (normally: $HOME/.e/desktop/0/.e_layout/layout.db). To learn more about layout bits, how they work and what they do, read the last section of the Etcher tutorial.

NOTE2: Desktop config files were previously located in $HOME/.e/desktop/default/.e_layout/, this has now changed. Current versions of DR17 now allow for seperate configs per virtual desktop, therefore the configs for virtual desktop 0 (the first one) is HOME/.e/desktop/0/.e_layout, virtual desktop 1 is HOME/.e/desktop/1/.e_layout, and so on. Otherwise, things work just as they always have.

You can also learn how to make your own iconbars in my Etcher tutorial. Make sure to share the bits you create!

File Description Preview

The Layout Bit for it:
The IconArm: My first and greatest iconbar! It's simple, functional and kool. An all around great bar.

Something completely new to DR17 is the way in which themes are handled. Enlightenment has always been the theme king, on almost any platform. Back in a day when MP3 players weren't even skinable (and not well known of, actually) Enlightenment was fully themable, leading the pack of desktop enviroments, who all considered a "theme" to be changing the color scheme and a new peice of wallpaper. DR17 only steps up the ladder again. As you've seen above, Enlightenment DR17 makes extensive use of edb (Enlightenment Database) for storing and packaging data. Similarly to the way we can create wallpaper in Ebony, packaged into a file.bg.db, we can also create bits to theme various parts of DR17 using Etcher. Etcher might now be entirely intuative (in fact, I think it's counterintuative) but once you get to know it you'll find it really quick and easy to work with. It's certainly more fun than dumping image peices into a directory and editing a config file.

DR17 is still early in its development and thoughs of us who support E, rather than code directly for it, are making preperations on the back end. I'm hoping to have documents on Etcher (and Ebony) very soon to help anyone wishing to learn Etcher step-by-step. But untill then, feel free to use and learn from the following bits below that I've created. As usual, feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Instuctions for installing border bits can be found here.

I've written a tutorial on Etcher, check it out!

File Description Preview
A bg.db to go with:
My second Ebit Border. A port of eMacs from DR16. Recently updated.
Border Bits:
Menu Bits:
This is a direct port of Crux from Sawfish/GNOME to DR17. There are two border bits, one is for a selected window (colored), the other for unselected windows (greyed out). The other two files are replacement bits for DR17's menus that are Crux themed.

This is the second release of these bits to cuddletech, the borderbits have been cleaned up a bit.
blackbox.bits.db A port of BlackBox's default theme to DR17. Very simple, very small.

The bg.db for it:

And a menubar bit:
This is (cringe) a port of winblowsXP (where x=cra). Ugly and huge as it is, it's great for fooling all the lamers in the office, and even for offices where you can't run UNIX OS's at all.
MenuBar Tar
I saw this theme in a XDarwin shot of Gabber, I don't know who designed it, but I liked it. I cut apart the screenshot and this is what I got.

You'll notice that in the screenshot there is a "flap" on the bottom right corner, I've removed that from the actuall bit (version bar9) so it looks right now.

I've included a TAR which includes the menu replacement bits for Gabber. Simply cd /usr/local/enlightenment/data, mv menus to some other name, then untar the file which creates a new menus directory with the bits. Just restart then.
UPDATE: I've been told that this is the default theme for a window manager named Oroborus, it's home pages are dead (404) but you can find info on SourceForge, or by searching google.
whistler-alpha2.bits.db I'm not sure what this is. I found a site with border demos, I think for WindowBlinds, and this was one of them. It was called Whistler and it's pretty simple. This is just a modified version of that theme, complete with button action (ie: the buttons hilite and stuff).
R-9X QuickPak We have shaped windows in DR17!!! RbdPngn write it into E DR17 on August 20th, and he asked me to port a theme to test it. This is what I chose to port. I've always loved this theme which was originally designed by Nathan Baxter. This "QuickPak" is a Gzip'ed TAR containing the Selected border bit, Unselected border bit, menu bits, a font, an iconbar and an install script. Just untar it and run the script to update everything. (As with all scripts, run at your own risk).
Nlog Selected Bit

Nlog Unselected Bit
This border comes from an incomplete concept that Raster did from a WinAmp skil called Nucleo Nlog. Both Raster and I did concepts for a theme and guess who's was better.... Anyway, I finished his concept and built the border since it looked like he'd never get back to it... So here it is! There is a matching Iconbar........
Ode 2 Etcher Selected Bit

Ode 2 Etcher Unselected Bit
Someone showed us a shot in IRC (Monkey I think) which featured a border I liked.... Just for kicks I built a border bit out of it in about 10 minutes and this is the result. This bit could use alot more work, but I'm not sure it's worth it with the recent turn of events.....
OverLap Selected Bit

OverLap UnSelected Bit
A DR17 theme by RbdPngn (my EWL hero!). It's a nice modification of the concepts in the default theme while demonstrating shaped borders (which RbdPngn gave us!) at work. You can go worship Nathan here.
White Border Bit

Orange Border Bit
A funky set of orange and white borders, by John Miskinis. He was experimenting heavily with shaped ray traced objects, and pushing etcher as far as it would go. He uses the white bits for selected borders, and orange for the unselected.