This package (CDLTKxmms-1.2.6_OGGrc3.pkg.Z) is built by cuddletech ( to be a one stop pkg install for XMMS. It includes the following:
And yes, this package contains ALL OF THAT. When you install this package OGG's will play out of the box, however this package will install nearly 20M of apps and libs.
The applications of interest here are:
This package can play MP3's, OGG's, WAVs, MP3 Streams, OGG Streams, and uncompressed audio.
This package REQUIRES that the majority of my Enlightenment prerequisists are installed. This package is meant to compliment my packages AND NOT TO BE USED ALONE! You should AT LEAST install:
Please understand this!!!: Neither the good folks the OggVorbis project, or the XMMS project will help you AT ALL! If you ask them for help they will hammer me and these packages will disappear. This package SHOULD work fine, if it doesn't ask me. This package was meant for one purpose only, to make E more phun and to make MY life easier... no warrenty is expressed of any kind, and this package is endorsed by NO ONE (not even me).

........but other than that, enjoy it! \(^_^)/
Ben Rockwood ( -- cuddletech: use unix or die.