Please Note: ToasterView is no longer supported. If you wish to take over maintenance, please contact me.
ToasterView, featured "Tool of the Month" (the first ever) in January 2006 Tech OnTap Newsletter!

Version 0.2 Now Avalible featuring trend analysis!!!

ToasterView is a simple PERL script that uses the NetApp MIB and Net-SNMP to collect basic data about a NetApp Filer (or NetCache) and display it in the simplest way possible. No frills, no chills, no nifty trick or tactics, this is a dead simple little stupid tool that gives you the status of your filer as quickly as possible in a page that can be skimmed very quickly. It was inspired by tools such as phpSysInfo.

This app is in its infancy but basically does what I need it do to for now. It will grow over time as requests and needs come up.

The app takes a single argument, the hostname (or IP) of a NetApp Filer that you wish to generate a report for. An HTML page is output to STDOUT. The intention is to be run from cron in the manner "toasterview my_filer > /opt/htdocs/toasterview/my_filer.html". There are some requirements for images, but these images are linked directly from cuddletech at the moment, so you don't need to download or install them. This app has been tested with a F760, F840, and FAS940.

This app needs some cleaning, but none the less it is extremely extensable. The code is fairly loose knit so modification is pretty simple. I'm not looking to be l337 or prove my PERL skillz, I just want something easy to hack on to get what I want. Feel free to poke your fingers into it. I'd much rather use the SNMP PERL module rather than using commands directly, but modules tend to cause some users pain, esp on wierd platforms. This tool was developed and tested on Solaris but will run on any platform that meets the requirements.

Sample ToasterView v0.1 Pages: FAS940 Demo, F760 Demo

Sample ToasterView v0.2 Pages (With RRD Extension): FAS940 Demo

New Features in v0.2!:

ToasterView 0.2 is now distributed as a tarball including all the needed images and scripts. Little change has occured in the main ToasterView script itself, the most noticable change is a slight reduction in the font size. The big addition is ToasterView's very first expansion module! An RRDtool expansion is included which will provide ToasterView with trend analysis. You can see sample output here. If you configure and turn on the extension it will simply add a new table and graph to your ToasterView output page. By leveraging RRDtool the module will record the size of each volume and then create a table displaying the ammount of volume change in the last hour, 6 hours, 1 day, 1 week, and 1 month. All thats really happening is a query of the database for the size of the volume at the given interval and then comparing that against the current size. In addition, the table is automatically color coded and the numbers rounded properly. A graph can also be generated using RRDtool.

This new RRD extension adds trend analysis information that can help you determine more easily when you might need to clean up, consolidate or purchase additional disk space. It also helps answer the less important but interesting question "just how much change is really occuring anyway?"

The best part about this extension is that I do all the hard work of configuring and setting up RRDtool for you! The extension script can create the RRDs, update them, output the graph, everything! No need to learn RRDtool just to use it. Setup and install instructions can be found in the tarball.

Download: ToasterView v0.2
Release Date: Updated 12/13/04 due to minor community hardcode bug. Thanx to Dave Rynne and Manny Kaiser for catching it. Requirements: NetSNMP 5.0.x, PERL, NetApp MIB*
License: GNU Public License

*NOTE: Download the NetApp MIB and copy it into Net-SNMPs system MIB directory, usually: /usr/local/share/snmp/mibs/

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