SA Pro: Tom Limoncelli Interview

01 Dec '08 - 05:42 by benr

The 2nd SA Pro podcast has arrived...

Tom Limoncelli, of Time Management for System Administators and The Practice of System and Network Administration fame, and I talk about his books, experience at Bell Labs, and time management in general in this 60 minute interview.

Available in MP3, AAC, and OggVorbis, Download SA Pro here, or directly:

Special Bonus: For my faithful readers, here is the original cut intro.

- - C O M M E N T S - -

Great podcast, but next time, keep your BlackBerry away, we can hear the interference in the record.

Francois (Email) (URL) - 01 December '08 - 18:24

thanks for the interview. was really looking forward to hearing Tom speak on time management, but hated having to slog thru the start of the podcast listening to meta talk about writing the book.

jeff - 02 December '08 - 04:47

Ben R – great to hear another podcast. I don’t know if it was my problem, but Tom L’s audio sounds like he was in a bathroom with too much echo/reverb. I had to mess with my soundblaster EAX settings to make it more enjoyable. But content-wise, I love your SA Pro podcasts. Please keep it up.

JV - 02 December '08 - 05:20

All this amazing feedback is just so encouraging…....

benr - 02 December '08 - 07:07

great cast, buying his book now (yes, i have issues with time management)

Zed (Email) - 02 December '08 - 10:17

Thanks for the next SApro !!

fyi – on [[]] site you have wrong link to Tom Limoncelli website.

lordmac - 02 December '08 - 14:24

Ben, I’ve enjoyed both of the SA Pro podcasts and thanks for making them.

One suggestion is using a template called “The Emergent Task Timer” from David Seah’s PCEO series. Works out great to track what you’re doing, how much time it takes, and what you need to do.



Michael B (Email) (URL) - 02 December '08 - 21:02


Great interview, excellent guest choice. I really thought the audio was much improved over the last one, as well. I can’t wait for the next one.

Matt Simmons (Email) (URL) - 03 December '08 - 03:44

Nice interview, and it’s a nice book too.

Dan (Email) - 04 December '08 - 07:06

Great podcast, cant wait for the next one.
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Nick Anderson (Email) (URL) - 22 December '08 - 17:43

Any chance you could set up an RSS feed so I can plug your podcasts into my music manager and not have to worry about it again? Autodownloading makes life so much easier.

Benjamin Krueger (Email) - 22 December '08 - 20:28

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