Xorg 6.8.2 & Composite

12 Feb '05 - 17:26 by benr

The other day I noticed Alan mentioned the release of 6.8.2 I decided to try it again. I'd used Xorg when the Composite first was integrated but it was less than perfect, but never the less kool. We could debate all day the virtues and shortcomings of Xrender and Composites implementation but so far its the best we've seen. Thanks to Gentoo I simply yanked XFree86 (unmerge) and merged in Xorg 6.8.2. Once you do that, to really get the Composite experience I upgraded to Enlightenment DR16.8 from CVS (not yet released, still in testing... shhhhh), damnnnnnnnn its nice. Kim Woelders, who took over DR16 development almost 2 years ago has just been doing unbelievable work. With DR16.8 you can enable composite from within the window manager and alter transparency on a per window basis using a window property (no more xtransset!). Its ohhhh so smooth.

The fullsize shot is alittle grainy due to JPEG compression, sorry about that, but as you can see in the shot Composite may have its downpoints, but its damned sexy and DR16.8 lets you fully harness it.

- - C O M M E N T S - -

The screenshot looks great! I’m kind of curious how things would change if there was any kind of adaptation for XGL, which is specifically an X server on top of OpenGL. Probably little or no change, and it’s still experimental, I think, but I couldn’t help wondering.

Erik Hentell (Email) - 14 February '05 - 15:09

That has huge potential for making some serious changes to the way I work. I’m certainly looking forward to the trickle down of that beauty.

Josiah Ritchie (Email) (URL) - 21 February '05 - 09:29

What kind of hardware do you need to effectively use Composite smoothly? I have enabled it on a PCI MX440 and an AGP Radeon M9 (Laptop) with no good resuls (i.e. slow as mud). Both of these machines were P4’s.

Joseph Hoh - 21 February '05 - 11:13

well, about the hardware, I guess you have to enable hardware acceleration… then it’ll work smoothly.

And I’m looking forward to KDE 3.4, as it will have support for transparancy etc, too. :D

superstoned - 21 February '05 - 13:16

I like compositem but some programs don’t like it and crash or don’t work properly yet: gnucash (gtk1.2?), flash plugin. My biggest gripe with xorg 6.8.x is that they seemed to mess up support for my intel i845G chipset (integrated video). When I try running an opengl program, even glxinfo, my usb mouse dies. The only solution is a reboot. xorg 6.7 didn’t have this problem :(

er (Email) - 21 February '05 - 15:57

What desktop + theme are you using Ben, they look real stylish !

screemo (Email) - 23 February '05 - 09:14

Guess i’m blind or something, Enlightenment i see, but what about the decorations ?

screemo (Email) - 23 February '05 - 09:15

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