MySQL Users Conference 2006

27 Apr '06 - 03:46 by benr

The MySQL Users Conference 2006 has come and gone. I took Tues and Wed off to work the booth both days that the expo was open.

All in all, the show went really well. The Sun employee's present (they rotated on 4 hour shifts) were presenting MySQL & DTrace, was well as the benchmark smashing Sun v40z. I brought with me my Try-and-Buy T2000, my dev workstation, and my X2100 for demo's, as well as 2 X4200's that Sun approved for me. I intended to demo Sun Cluster 3.1 for MySQL HA as well as how Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris played into features supporting MySQL, but without shared storage that presented a problem and a single-server Sun Cluster setup didn't sound like something that would convice many potential customers. Ultimately it didn't matter, most people just wanted to chat and didn't want in depth demos. I showed off some things to users who asked more deeply about things like ZFS, Zones and SMF, but mostly it was high level chat. People were more interested, actually, in the servers, so early in the show I turned off some of the boxes, pulled the covers off, and lined up the X2100, X4200, and T2000 side-by-side. This attracted a lot more people and allowed discussion to drift into other things that Sun could provide and I played OpenSolaris into it as much as possible. At the MySQL UC more than other shows, people seemed very jaded to the "open source" buzz, it was just expected or unimportant ultimately to most folks there so "Solaris is now Open Source!" didn't wow many people, they were simply happy about it.

The most popular question of the show was "So what do you think about Scott leaving?" I enjoyed answering that one for everyone who asked, especially members of the press. I gave my standard schpiel and tried to impress upon them what a wonderful turning point this was for the company, making especially clear that this is nothing new or sudden, but something Scott himself carefully crafted and molded over several years now.

Some interesting personal highlights include a lot of discussion with the Red Hat representative that was in the booth across from us, we both got a long really well. I met Monty from MySQL which was really kool, especially when he pointed out how interested he was in the new Galaxy servers and the Niagra systems: two thumbs up. Monty even pointed out that MySQL started out on SunOS/Solaris, where it great for a very long time before Linux hit the scene and development chiefly moved over there in like 1996. So, I never would have guessed it, but we've got a lot of Sun fans at MySQL AB. In fact, if you look at that first picture above, the fellow I'm talking with is Mikael Ronstrom, PhD, MySQL Senior Software Architect and MySQL Cluster and Partitioning god... as in, he wrote it. He and I really had a long enjoyable chat, we went back and forth, fought on a couple things, laughed about a couple things, he's just an amazing guy and several other on lookers enjoyed the exchange.

The only downside to the show was the turnout. The show was, effectively, dead. Apparently last year was a mass chaos sell out with gobs of people. This year, you couldn't get people in mass unless they rolled out Hagen Das or cookies in the expo area. Several of the folks I talked with were other exhibitors. I really expected a massive turnout, but never the less, we did as much as we possibly could given the turnout of the event. The kilt came in handy, as I walked around the conference plenty of people pointed and talk to others around them about the "Sun guy in a kilt", many of which stopped by the booth, so, you know, use what ya got!

For a nitty-gritty of the show, check the OpenSolaris Marketing Community tomorow. Whenever I do events like these I always send a followup report to the list so that we are informed of what eachother is doing.

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Hi Ben

Can any one please help me if they can…...
I have a sun ultra 2 and am trying to get it work with a pc monitor
i,ve got a 13w3m-15hdf adapt and still not working i know the monitor works
i,ve used ir on the pc…..can you offer any help please
steve massiah
sorry about posting here, desperate need help.

stephen massiah - 27 April '06 - 08:35


Depending on the frame buffer used in the Ultra 2, the default resolution is 1024×768 at 76 Hz using a GX or Creator frame buffer. The problem is almost all PC monitors below 19” will not support that resolution at that refresh rate. I have several ViewSonic 19” monitors at home that works with Sun hardware with no problems.

You can also look at the Frame Buffer FAQ at [[]] for more assistance.

Robert Escue (Email) - 27 April '06 - 08:52

Thankyou very much,very fast .

stephen massiah - 27 April '06 - 09:22

I went to LinuxWorld in Boston and it was the same thing… big expo, few people. Hopefully this isn’t a sign of something bad :)

Brian Duffy (Email) - 27 April '06 - 14:52

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