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20 Apr '06 - 14:26 by benr

Plenty of news items have been rolling around lately. Nothing thats earth shattering but interesting. Here's some of the ones I've been watching..

The Wall Street Journal floats more McNealy rumors. I discussed the rumor that popped up last month, so I won't go through it all again. On a side note I will say that Jonathan is a pretty kool lookin' executive, with that distinct geek look that you've gotta love, and his WSJ morris code portrait did him no justice at all.

WSJ Morris Code Rendition
Dr. Kool

Paul Murphy at ZDNet wrote a responce to The Economist (the article has been moved into their premium site). I really enjoyed the responce. Paul Murphy has really gained my respect over the last year, not so much because he often has opinions that I share, but because he's one of the few journalists out there that actually thinks for himself and understands the industry, past, present and future.

In other news, Ron Hovsepian, CEO of Novell made an ass of himself (again). Clearly there is a disconnect between his vision of what open source means and reality. Comments like "The whole spirit of open source is to have one base of code," just took his credability and flushed it. Others, like this one reguarding OpenSolaris "It creates a fork, which none of us likes.", just pile it on. This seems to suggest that he's unaware of the dozens of other free software operating sytems around, namely BSD, a staple of the network and security vendors. His credability was already in trouble when, despite trying to sell Linux (SuSE particularly) as a desktop replacement, Novell themselves hasn't done it, despite their efforts to do so. If Novell itself has trouble making the switch, what platform do they have to stand on by which to encourage otheres to make the change?

Frankly, the only Novell product that I'm interested in is Novell Identity Manager, but after spending some time playing with it I just can't endorse it. Novell eDirectory, the LDAP server behind the Identity Manager suite, just feels old and crusty and in need of a breath mint. I find OpenLDAP much easier to work with than eDirectory, so why bother?

In fairness, Novell has one thing that forces me to respect them: Robert Love. Robert is one of the most talented engineers in all of the open source world. But, beyond having some extrodinary talent onboard, I'm just waiting for Novell to die a horrible death or be obsorbed by someone I don't like, like HP.

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