The Way OpenSolaris Should Look!

01 Feb '05 - 02:25 by benr

JDS/GNOME. KDE. WindowMaker. All just suck for real work. Things in your way, stuff to deal with. Only Enlightenment provides me with a truely restful enviroment to work in without clutter and hassle. Geographical virtual desktops, multiple desktops, superior stacking layers, ability to remember the window settings, easy window skip list management, ultra fast wallpaper selections, on and on. This is the way a desktop should look and feel...

OpenSolaris running on an Ultra2 [2x300Mhz UltraSPARC II, 512M] workstation, using Enlightenment DR16.7.1, Eterm 0.9, etc.

- - C O M M E N T S - -

Well, I use Solaris 9 with Xfce4, and it performs remarkably well on my low-end Ultra 5 (UltraSPARC IIi, 270mhz, 128mbram). You might want to try Xfce4 out as well!

Allthough I do think Xfce will lack some of the features you just summed up there. However, it’s worth a try anyway. It’s in Blastwave, including a dtlogin package (saves some hassle).

Thom Holwerda (URL) - 01 February '05 - 07:10

16 is good…can’t wait til 17 though. I had a look at the previews Raster posted at his site [[]] a while back, It’s true it will definitely be worth the looong wait.

Ché Kristo (Email) (URL) - 04 February '05 - 06:55

I agree that Enlightenment looks cool indeed. Got it running on JDS earlier, replacing gnome 2. I hope 17 will be much easier to install. Actually, with zone, we can probably install it safely (meaning it won’t mess up by gnome the way JDS on Linux does it).
You should post more pictures, to do justice for Enlightenment.

iwan rahabok (Email) - 06 February '05 - 05:58

I hate java destop, it’s windows

Luke (Email) - 14 February '05 - 12:12

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