OpenSolaris is real! More proof!

25 Jan '05 - 15:43 by benr

The transition into the preview and license launch is an exciting one, and it also means that now, for the first time, we can prove that we in the pilot actually do have the real code. I obviously can't show you the non-discloed code (see Dtrace, but I've already built OpenSolaris, I've already played with the OpenSolaris code base, I've upgraded my entire system to the OpenSolaris codebase that I built and I'm booting custom kernels for testing! Here is what I can show you to at least prove that I have what I say I have:

Feel free to share this image in accordance with Creative Commons! This is a massively exciting time!!!
- - C O M M E N T S - -

Where did you get the OpenSolaris codebase to compile? Guess it helps to have friends in the know. Found out from Schilly’s blog that you’d built it first. Is anyone in the community thinking about making an OpenSolaris LiveCD for demo and system rescue purposes. Seems like it’d be a really nice tool for a system admin to have handy, just like Knoppix is for Linux. Also, I’ve been thinking that Knoppix is the perfect installation medium. Instead of carrying around 4 CDs or overloading your network with a jumpstart, just boot with your OpenSolaris Live CD and install to the hard drive! Food for thought!

John Moore (Email) (URL) - 27 January '05 - 22:42

Hey man…sorry I missed the party.

darrell (Email) (URL) - 12 June '06 - 23:42

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Alexx (Email) (URL) - 14 June '06 - 02:26

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felicitas (Email) (URL) - 14 June '06 - 03:54

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