OpenSolaris Users Group Video Online!

21 May '05 - 01:31 by benr

Sorry for the massive wait, but thanks to our good buddy Derek (among other things he's the webmaster for the OpenSolaris websites) the video now has a home. Here is the direct link: OSUG-Apr2005.avi. Please be aware, the video is 504MB in size, encoded DiVX, and and about 1 hour 40 minutes long. Here is the md5sum: b5242936e541ead0bdf470f21eba8507.

The first speaker was Jan who showed off the best thing to happen to Solaris X86 since AMD64 support: NewBoot.

Following that the one and only Liane gave an excellent and informative presentation on SMF thats guarrenteed to get you fired up and hacking manifests.

If you have comments on the video please let me know. I was juggling between focusing on the speaker or on the overhead or both, and both doesn't work so well (as you can see in the vid) because the white balance and focus can't equalize things so you don't see either better. I'll be recording the next meeting too, so if you've got suggests for me, send 'em over. (Both of the above images are vidcaps)

- - C O M M E N T S - -

620K sustained speed, my max =]

David Richards (URL) - 21 May '05 - 02:49

Thanks Ben! Having videos of the OSUG meetings is awsome for those of us not in the valley. Hopefully the rest of the meetings can also be put online.

Shanon Loveridge (Email) - 22 May '05 - 05:04

Thanks for the video Ben ! Commuting over from Ireland to attend these meetings would probably be unfeasible! As regards comments on the video, maybe attaching a mic into the PA system to record direct to video might be good (so long as there was another to get the ambient comments from the floor, I guess) – but it’s no big deal ! Oh, getting people doing demos to run gnome-terminal full-screen with large fonts (Ctrl-Shift-+ lots) might be handy too…

Tim Foster (Email) (URL) - 22 May '05 - 07:59

Thanks Ben for shooting and making it and others for putting in online.

I have a few suggestions:

1. Borrow a high question external mic from Sun.
The sound quality in this video needs to be improved.

2. Either manual focus on the slides (from straight in front, no angle);
or manual focus on the speaker, if the slides are made available.

3. Use a tripod for video camera during the presentation,
if you didn’t do so.

4. Let Sun marketing do it, if it’s possible. I can imagine how much
time you had to spend on it. Those time are better spent on hacking :-)


Tao (Email) - 22 May '05 - 13:47

Of course I meant “high quality external mic”.

Tao (Email) - 22 May '05 - 13:48

Hello Tao…
1) I thought about buying one but ultimately didn’t. Sun is too big a company to just walk in and ask to borrow one.
2) I did in some cases, however shooting without an angle isn’t possible in this room, its very long and narrow, so if I got straight on I’m so far back that I have to zoom beyond the optical abilities of the camera and I’m too far away from the audio source, so angle shooting is the best you can do without specialty gear.
3) I did.
4) We tried… and Alan is still trying actually. They are pros and are setup for this stuff, plus they could webcast it live… but he’s been unable to engage them. I’ve really just been the “if all else fails” plan.

We’re doing the best with what we’ve got. Hopefully the next vid will be better following the leasons I’ve learned the first time around.


benr - 23 May '05 - 03:19

And for those who want to save Ben’s link, it’s also available at

Alan Hargreaves (Email) (URL) - 23 May '05 - 19:48

The link doesn’t work anymore.. has it moved to somewhere else?

Jennifer - 22 June '05 - 11:23

Hello and congratulations!

landon (Email) (URL) - 12 June '06 - 20:04

Follow your dreams, you can reach your goals.

jerome (Email) (URL) - 12 June '06 - 21:24

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Suse (Email) (URL) - 13 June '06 - 13:01

Holla and Happy Thanksgiving.

manual (Email) (URL) - 13 June '06 - 14:04

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