OGB Hangs Itself: It is done

23 Aug '10 - 15:19 by benr

This morning at 8:19AM Pacific, the OGB passed:

Whereas Oracle has continued ignore requests to appoint a liaison to work with the OGB concerning the future of OpenSolaris development and our community, and Whereas Oracle distributed an email to its employees on Aug 13 2010 that set forth Oracle's decision to unilaterally terminate the development partnership between Oracle and the OpenSolaris Community, and Whereas, without the continued support and participation of Oracle in the open development of OpenSolaris, the OGB and the community Sun/Oracle created to support the open Solaris development partnership have no meaning, and Whereas the desire and enthusiasm for continuing open development of the OpenSolaris code base has clearly passed out of Oracle's (and thus this community's) hands into other communities,

Be it Resolved that the OpenSolaris Governing Board hereby collectively and individually resigns, noting that under the terms of the OpenSolaris Charter section 1.3.5 the responsibility to appoint an OGB passes to Oracle.

Also see the OGB Call Agenda.

- - C O M M E N T S - -

Correct URL for agenda:


Wes W. (Email) - 23 August '10 - 17:02

Well, I guess it was inevitable…

Brett - 23 August '10 - 20:46

I remember being excited when OpenSolaris came out – more excited than when Solaris was announced for the x86. With OpenSolaris, more people could run it, more people could support it, and it could be introduced to more possible customers.

Now this. When Oracle announced the take over of Sun, one of my first thoughts was about the contrast in environments – Sun, the engineer’s paradise, with an open source push – and Oracle, its opposite. If customer goodwill could be quantified, Sun would have been high and Oracle would have flunked out.

We’ve seen what happened to OpenSolaris and Java – and even MySQL – now OpenOffice may be next.

PS: Kill the spam, eh?

David (Email) (URL) - 24 August '10 - 04:44

I’m not so sure the game is the same for OpenOffice as it is for MySQL and OpenSolaris.

Oracle is a meanspirited company, and I think having a free office product nipping at Microsoft is something they like. Contrast OpenSolaris and MySQL which are distractions for them.

Sun may have created an engineers paradise, but they took their eye off the ball of Job #1 – being responsible to stay profitable so that they could keep funding that paradise.

There’s plenty of freely available OS’s that could use the talent and attention, under licenses that won’t let them be buried by the likes of Larry Ellison.

David Bullock (Email) - 24 August '10 - 05:53

The words “and individually” were removed from the motions last paragraph quoted above.

Iain - 24 August '10 - 08:54

Fuck Larry. Fuck Oracle.

dave - 24 August '10 - 09:38

There have been several previews of the Solaris 11 source code, released as binary distros with source code from Sun/Oracle:

1) Solaris Express Community Editiion – SXCE.

2) Solaris Express Developer Editiion – SXDE. Dies in a couple of years.

3) SXCE dies in favour of OpenSolaris

4) OpenSolaris dies and Solaris 11 Express will be released at the end of 2010.

And then we have all the other community distros based on Solaris 11 source code: Schillix, Nexenta, Milax, Korona, etc etc etc etc.

Of course it is sad that OpenSolaris is killed, but it is just another Solaris 11 preview distro. Now there is another distro released at the end of 2010.

I would see a problem if Oracle killed Solaris 11, but no. Basically it is just Oracle rebranding from OpenSolaris to Solaris 11 Express.

Sun had 35.000 customers. Oracle has 350.000 customers. I think this is bad for OpenSolaris distro, but good for Solaris 11 (and all Solaris 11 derivatives). All Oracle customers will be encouraged to switch to Solaris 11. The user base for Illumos and Solaris 11 will grow tremendously and the Solaris (and Illumos) future is brighter than ever. Solaris will not diminish and die. It will grow and flourish and prosper. That is good for Illumos, for the community and for the customers and for Oracle.

Remember that Solaris 10 was closed under Sun. Oracle is opening up Solaris 11.

Kebabbert (Email) - 25 August '10 - 09:00

Anyone have to deal with ICON? Oracle’s version of Notes!

Paul (Email) - 25 August '10 - 20:51

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